Darkmatter<br/><span>Holistic Animation</span>

Darkmatter – Holistic Animation

Dreamtek was tasked with creating a “Holistic” animation that explains how vital cyber security has become to our digital landscape. The threat of cyber crime is often times misunderstood or not taken seriously enough and affects governments, businesses and individuals alike.




The Campaign

The animation was designed, by intentionally reinforcing the brand colours and icons throughout. As Darkmatter is a young brand in the process of establishing itself, this affirmation of the brand was important to us and became the thread around which we wove our design.
The look and feel derived from this brand assertion, resulted in a stylistically unique animation that not only simplifies the concept of cyber security, but is also a joy to watch.





Services on the Darkmatter – Holistic Animaiton


 Creative Development



 Graphics creation


 Production management

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