Hyundai <br/>Santa Fe 2017 <br/><span>30” Commercial</span>

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017

Hyundai approached Dreamtek to assist creatively and to produce this 30” English and Arabic commercial. The production involved careful coordination with the Dubai Traffic Department to assist us in safely navigating our road-based shots.
Our team of automotive specialist utilized various rigs, both on a tracking vehicle and also on the actual “hero” vehicle itself.




The Campaign

The commercial was filmed on both the Arri Alexa XT Plus and the Arri Alexa Mini (for those tight to film spaces). This spot was filmed with CGI in mind and our VFX supervisor was always on hand to make sure that what we filmed would work in terms of the VFX we had planned.





Services on the Hyundai Santa Fe 30” Spot


 Creative Development

 Location Scouting


 Production Assistance




 Automotive rigging

 Filming permissions

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