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Dreamtek Advanced Analytics

We provide the analytical tools and data intelligence to help marketers model and shape customer and audience behavior, optimize and increase engagement and deliver the highest impact from your
communications and marketing efforts. Like you we are driven by tangible results and valuable insight.

By providing a full data strategy assessment to understand quality, source systems and analytical use cases we build custom machine learning models, designed and deployed to extract and illuminate meaningful insight, measure sentiment and predict attrition.

We do this by combining the full supply chain of data such as customer interaction and CRM, transactional and operational data and by merging data points with external sociographic sources in an effort to create an accurate single view of your customer, likes and dislikes, interests and preference.

 Improve data quality and availability

 Provide strategic guidance and support

 Marketing and behavioral science

 A/B testing, machine learning and attribution models

 Monetize the full potential of your data



A concise understanding of your audience across all channels in real-time present a powerful opportunity to engage with meaningful and hyper relevant, just in time products and services.
Our team of data-scientists, machine learning engineers and analysts are here to help you.


We have helped create real-world data value across all industry types, fortune 500s and multi nationals, government and start up’s. A highly well-orchestrated team work closely to bridge the gap between science and business, adapting continually to changing market dynamics to deliver customer success.



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