UX Design

Strategy & User Research

Our tried and tested methodical approach to creating a great user experience starts with strong stakeholder communication and vendor management. Tailored formal status report dashboards that allow clear scoping of the project, monitoring of delivery progress and financial spend against budget and forecasts.






Insight gathered from the research analysis will enable us to define the requirement and produce a scope of works and functional design specification. This will in turn align the value of each task and design feature to the original business objectives and ultimate customer experience to be delivered.

Structural Design

The point where we can start to define the concrete elements of the actual experience, how the users will interact and how they will experience the content. This phase is split into two stages, interaction design and information architecture.




The objective is to understand user behavior, what choices and actions they will make and to understand the underlying motivations. This in turn dictates the relationship and navigation and also how the system underneath behaves. Once the structure is defined then we move onto information architecture and content.



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Content Strategy

When designing UX for the vast array of devices that are now in the marketplace its important to create specifically optimised content bundles for desktop, tablet and mobile. Headings, CTAs and callouts need to be adjusted and layout needs to be modified for page breaks and orientation.




The level of design at this stage is focused on each screen and the optimised organisation and arrangement of the elements that make up the on-screen functionality, such as navigational elements, content, menu options, buttons and controls and how they all work together.
Clickable wireframes will be created to allow for the design to be road tested, this will be one stage of usability testing that will have an important outcome on the final visual design.



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and finally, Surface

The surface or visual design is the sum total of all the phases we have completed to reach this point.
The visual presentation, content arrangement and controls will all come together to create a fluid user interface that improves and enhances the communication to the end-user. Legible font selection that minimises eyes strain and helps to differentiate the information, colour schemes that are in line with the corporate guidelines and that evoke the right impression.
We consider all of this stage as important as the text if not more so; a visual language that needs to invite the user within seconds of them reaching the site.
Our team of designers and front-end developers will work closely to make sure the HTML skins that are created after this stage are pixel perfect and the use of technologies such as Java script and JQuery produce additional user interaction, animation and CX that’s well coded and lightweight.


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