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Make Your Audience Move

Make your audience move, was the inspiration behind the music mixing application that we created on behalf of the Dubai based agency LOWE for its client Unilever.
This cool looking app with Arabic inspired audio loops and effects was designed to inspire and captivate its users, creating their own 3 minute music track and then uploading and sharing to Facebook, creating rapid virality through the social network.




How we did it

Each audio sample had been professionally designed, quantized and pitch shifted so any combination of beat and melody would work. Just some combinations sounded better than others and so that was the art of the game, get the right mix.

Make it Go Viral

Playing for a chance to win a prize of a trip to Bali with two friends this campaign encouraged the player to not only share with friends asking them to vote but also invited them to take part in the competition for themselves, after all who isn’t a wannabee DJ in their own lunchtime.


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