PEAK <br/><span>GPS Mileage Expenses</span>

PEAK - Mileage Capture, Made Easy

The PEAK Mileage Expenses App is simple, uncluttered and incredibly easy to use and makes the process of recording your business trips intuitive and relaxed. Where other apps have a series of clumsy features that are often not used, the PEAK Mileage App is designed to simply record the trips you undertake and display these on a map with the key data such as time and distance easily accessible.

By coupling our app with the features of the PEAK website it works for any type of user from the individual driver to an organisation employing many thousands of drivers.




Simple & Intuitive Design

The app uses GPS to record your journeys where a simple button is pressed to start recording and then pressed again to stop recording. The app will do its work in the background whilst you make calls and use your phone normally.

The PEAK GPS Mileage Expenses app is designed to minimise battery use, however continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.
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