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IBM Customer Analytics

The increasing role of digital channels has created new opportunities and complexities in understanding customers. You must understand a customer holistically to deliver an integrated customer experience across channels, devices and interaction paths.
IBM customer analytics solutions help you understand customers in context at varying touch points to engage them in more meaningful ways. These solutions combine digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics for actionable insights.

Driving Five Common Business Goals
with Customer Analytics Solution Patterns

As mobile traffic and sales continue to increase, omni-channel interactions have become the norm.
Organizational and data silos make it difficult to gain a holistic view of the customer, which is critical to engaging customers, and maximizing revenue.

A keen understanding of customers across time, channels and interactions points can help you achieve these major business objectives:


 Acquire the right customers

 Deliver a superior experience in digital and mobile channels

 Optimise the customer journey

 Serve and delight customers

 Reduce fraud and customer disputes






In industries as diverse as retail, finance, travel, insurance and healthcare, IBM’s customer analytics solution patterns are enabling our business partners and clients to achieve their major business goals, which allows them to address their most pressing customer engagement needs while adapting to continually changing market dynamics.



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